Loved a video so much that liking it, favoriting it, sharing it and even subscribing to the channel wasn’t enough? Just had to hold it in your grasp and never ever let it go?

We know the feeling, so today we’re making The YouTube Collection available for you in a new holdable version: DVD. A direct result of your feedback and demand, The YouTube Collection is a first of its kind offering in web video.

Here's a video outlining the details:

Want to try before you order? Take The YouTube Collection for a test drive with a simulator button we installed on a select group of YouTube videos. Just head "home."

The future of YouTube is waiting. You can find out more at this link:

And please remember it. Look for our other links soon!

Chet Flanagan, director of DVD product management, YouTube Global, recently watched "Toshiba HD- A2 HD-DVD Player - Unboxing."

Everyday on the CitizenTube channel (and @CitizenTube on Twitter), along with our curation partners @storyful, we look at how the top news stories are covered on YouTube. Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage.

  • We viewed appalling scenes in the air over America as a JetBlue flight was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot was restrained for "erratic behavior".
  • We saw the Pope endear himself to Latin America, donning a sombrero in Mexico and meeting Fidel Castro in Cuba.
  • We witnessed devastating wildfires in Colorado force the evacuation of hundreds of residents, with at least one death reported.
  • We observed a sense of 'petrol panic' as motorists in the UK and beyond were worried by rising oil prices and a potential fuel shortage because of strikes.
  • We followed the GOP candidates as the presidential race took yet another turn, with Rick Santorum winning his 11th state of the campaign in Louisiana.
  • We marked a successful run-off presidential election in Senegal, won by Macky Sall amid many economic challenges in the country.
  • We saw no let up in the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, as Trayvon's frustrated parents took their plea for justice to a Congressional forum on neighborhood watch groups and racial profiling.
  • We overheard US President Barack Obama talking about a future after the next presidential election during a 3-day tour in South Korea that focused on securing nuclear stability in the region.
  • And finally, we watched one man go where few have gone before, as Titanic director James Cameron plunged to the deepest point on Earth in his submarine: the Deepsea Challenger.
Come back to see the news unfold on YouTube.

Olivia Ma, YouTube News & Politics, recently watched "Suu Kyi set for parliament in key Myanmar vote".

Last year we started experimenting with the idea that you could find the next big thing on YouTube. YouTube Slam pits two videos against each other, where you get points for picking the crowd favorite. In just a few months, hundreds of thousands of you cast more than a million votes on Slams we created, and today we’re turning the game controls over to you.

You can now turn any of your playlists into a YouTube Slam. Play solo, share the YouTube link with your friends or even play together in a Google+ Hangout. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Make a playlist with the videos you want to include in the Slam (you’ll need at least two videos and they have to be public), or choose a playlist you have already
  2. Go to
  3. Click the “Create Slam” button next to one of your playlists. It’ll look like this:

When you click “Play Slam” you’ll be taken into your game, and we’ll show the highest scoring videos and players on the leaderboard page of your Slam. Click “View the winners” at any time to check it out.

Want to get your friends involved? You can now play custom or existing Slams live with friends inside a Google+ Hangout by clicking the “Play Slam with your friends” link. You can also share the YouTube Slam link with friends directly to get more people playing. If you feel like the Slam has been settled, you can remove it at any time.

Slam is still a work in progress, and we want to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments below or by clicking the “Feedback” link on any Slam.

Interested in learning more about the research behind YouTube Slam? Check out our recent Google Research Blog post about gamification of search ranking, or find out about our work on finding funny videos and talented musicians.

Sanketh Shetty, software engineer, recently played a “Tree Cutting Fails” Slam.

Over the last year Korean TV stations have been opening up YouTube channels and offering a wide variety and deep catalog of their shows—everything from weekly dramas to K-Pop musical programs. The main three terrestrial broadcasters all have multiple channels with their top shows — KBS (Main Channel, Drama, Entertainment, KBS Life, Documentary, KBS world), MBC (Kpop, Entertainment, Drama, MBC World), and SBS (Entertainment, Drama, FreeVOD, Culture). YouTube also has many top cable shows such as Pororo from Iconix animation studio and Sonbadak TV.

To help you find Korean TV on YouTube, viewers in Korea now have a new Shows page organizing all programs available. For the rest of the world, you can still find the shows through, but note that not all programs are available in all countries.

On the Shows page in Korea, you’ll find new programs like Infinite Challenge (무한도전) and classics like My Lovely Sam-Soon (내 이름은 김삼순), with subtitles in English, Spanish and other languages. The new Shows pages also gives you key information about the program, such as a cast list and credits.

In many cases, each episode is divided into clips, but there’s no need to click on each video one at a time. The first video selected will automatically link to the next video and that one to the next. So once you start watching, you can easily flow to the end of the show.

If you have a favorite TV program, subscribe to the channel so that you’ll be updated on your homepage whenever there’s a new episode. We’ll be adding more programs from more stations in the future, so check back frequently.

Brian Suh, head of YouTube partnerships, Google Korea, recently watched “Infinite Challenge (무한도전).”

Congratulations to AnyoneButMeWebSeries! The award-winning web series is our featured “On The Rise” partner for March and takes the stage in the “Spotlight” section of the YouTube homepage today.

 Shot on location in NYC and LA and written and produced by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, Anyone But Me centers around gay, straight and ethnically diverse teenagers who deal with all-too-common questions about identity and modern relationships. Throughout the series, viewers may identify with the emotional struggles of moving, relationship changes and being true to yourself. The third and final season just wrapped, and you can watch the complete series on their YouTube channel. Check out the video below for more background on the series and its history:

 Here are a few words from the show’s executives, Tina and Susan:
We love making drama. And we love making it on the web. It’s as if the gods gave us a piece of this huge creative territory and said “Own it. Plant weird, wonderful new things. Do what you want here.” As creators, we couldn’t ask for more. Anyone But Me is a rare thing in the indie television world. For one thing, we don’t have zombies. (Alas!) We get off on writing about real humans and their relationships. Anyone But Me launched in 2008. After our second season, we had a never been done before Webathon, and the fans funded us for Season 3. So many people had our back. We got press in Fast Company., The LA Times, Tubefilter, AfterEllen. And we collected a lot of cool awards along the way. But it’s thanks to the passion of our fans that we’re here! We’re grateful to YouTube for this honor and the opportunity to connect with people we hope will become new fans. (Oh, and if you subscribe to our channel you not only get 26 episodes of our show & some fun video extras, we also link you to other shows we like. What could be bad about that?) 

 If you’ve enjoyed this monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise Channel. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!

 Christine Wang and Devon Storbeck, YouTube partner support, recently watched “Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note!

Cross-posted on the Google France Blog

Earlier this month, we introduced Google Play, a digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favorite apps on your Android phone or tablet in France. Today we’re adding movies for rent to Google Play for people in France, including hundreds of full-length feature films from major Hollywood and French studios. These movies will also be available for rent on YouTube.

We’ve got some fantastic films to keep everyone entertained through the upcoming summer months and beyond. From blockbusters like Les Aventures de Tintin: Le Secret de la Licorne and Les Schtroumpfs, to new releases such as Twilight Chapitre 4 : Révélation 1ère partie, Le Stratege, The Thing, and Drive, and even French classics like Le Bal Des Actrices and La Grotte Des Rêves Perdus, you can find many of your favourite movies in high quality available to rent now on Google Play and YouTube. To make these films available, we’ve partnered with many independent French studios including Cinéma(s) à la Demande, EuropaCorp, M6 Video / SND, Under The Milky Way, UniversCiné and Wild Side as well as major film studios such as Disney Europe, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment France.

On Android phones and tablets, you can rent films from the Google Play Store and start watching them instantly in the Google Play Movies app. Movies can also be downloaded to the device so they’re available for viewing during the rental period without an internet connection. On the web, you can rent and watch movies on the Google Play website ( or on YouTube ( Using your Google Account, you can rent the same movies across both Google Play and YouTube.

Movies are available at competitive pricing, with new releases starting at €3.99 for standard definition and €4.99 for high definition and library titles at €2.99 for standard definition and €3.99 for high definition. For most movies, viewers will have 30 days to begin watching their rental, and, once started, 48 hours to finish.

The concept of cinema was invented in France -- the Lumière brothers screened their film The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station in 1895. So it’s exciting to be bringing this great content to our users in France through Google Play and YouTube.

Ben Serridge, Product Manager, recently watched "Cyrano De Bergerac."

On Sunday, April 1, millions of voters in Burma will cast a ballot in the parliamentary by-elections. This year, Burma is opening its doors to media and election observers alike to document the election proceedings in real-time. With support from Google Ideas, our friends at the J-School News Lab, a real-time reporting training program for Burmese journalists, will be curating a Burma Elections news channel on YouTube. Here, they will feature original reporting from J-School journalists on the ground, Burmese media outlets, and international broadcasters.

Until recently, Burma has been more or less closed to the outside world, making it difficult to find news and information about what was happening inside the country. We’re pleased that people around the world will be able follow what’s happening as Burmese voters head to the polls on election day.

Visit for the latest news and developments.

Olivia Ma, YouTube News and Politics, recently watched “Wine: ‘I’ve Never Voted’”.

Vlogging, or video blogging, videos are some of the most popular on YouTube. And rightfully so--they’re one of the few types of videos that literally anyone can create: all you have to do is sit in front of camera, share words of wisdom (okay, wisdom not always required), and upload the video. From accounts of political struggle in the Middle East to fan reactions of newly-released music videos to testaments of personal discovery, the intimate act of vlogging can take many shapes and resonate with audiences around the world.

A few weeks ago, we asked YouTube creators what form of content we should tackle as part of our Next Creator program, a development initiative to help promising creators find their voices, improve their skills, and build their audiences. You resoundingly responded with calls for YouTube Next Vlogger.

Starting today through April 18, applications will be open for sixteen promising vloggers to take part in three months of intimate educational workshops held on Google+ Hangouts. Each vlogger will receive $5,000 worth of video equipment and more than $10,000 worth of promotion on and off YouTube. Participants will also receive mentoring from industry experts, such as iJustine, one of the most successful vloggers and content creators on YouTube!

YouTube creators from Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States are eligible. If previous Next Creator participants are any indication, the Next Vloggers will be an incredibly talented and engaging group. We can’t wait to introduce them to you on April 30, but they need to apply first!

Vlog on!

Austin Lau & Bing Chen, Global YouTube Creator Program Managers, recently watched The Dominic Show’s “Dating Tips: Break Ups

Audiophiles can choose a concert that matches their energy on March 28 at 6pm PT by visiting The Switch, an interactive music experience on YouTube, powered by 5 Gum.

During this intimate music experience, fans can enjoy two simultaneous live-streaming performances, curated by tastemakers La Blogotheque. Givers will bring their energetic sounds, while Theophilus London delivers relaxing grooves. At The Switch, you can pick the music that suits your mood.

The Switch experience continues with specially curated playlists that highlight La Blogotheque’s signature Take Away Shows, presented with a visual twist. These performances from stars like Vampire Weekend and emerging artists like My Brightest Diamond are another way to lay back or liven up, and see music in a new light. Check out playlists selected by the artists or build one of your own.

Catch new sounds on YouTube and see where your moods take you on The Switch.

Charles Jang, YouTube marketing programs manager, recently watched "[AZIATIX] "Go" - FULL MV."

Peru is a multicultural and multilingual country, the result of the merger of different influences and customs throughout the centuries. It has a cultural abundance, from its literature, music and dance to its incredible cuisine, famous worldwide for its variety and originality. Taking all this into account, it's not surprising to find great examples of this culture's expressions on videos that anyone could enjoy at YouTube, such as Marca Perú, PerúTubers, Alicia and Sucedió en el Perú.

We want to share even more of the culture of Peru with you, so today we’re kicking off a local version of YouTube in Peru: The country becomes number 43 globally where a local YouTube version is available, and sixth in Latin America together with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

YouTube Peru will give more exposure to local talent, as well as make the experience of discovering, sharing and commenting on videos have a local flavor, making them more relevant with local tastes. Peruvians can now browse videos by category or by popularity and find local talent easily, without missing anything that also happens on a global scale.

We can’t wait to see how YouTube Peru comes to life and acquires its own personality. So we invite you to start a channel to upload your best moments and talents to YouTube, and share those of others who are celebrating their world through video.

Gianfranco Polastri, country manager for Google Peru, recently watched “Experience Sundance: Meet the FIlmmakers #12.

If you’re a skier like me, you may have experienced some highs and lows this winter in your search for epic powder. Though spring has sprung, you can now get more of a downhill fix than ever by checking out The Ski Channel on YouTube.

The folks at The Ski Channel partnered with Epic Planks to create a new series called Germination. The series features some of the best young shredders around the world, doing what they do best on some of the coolest slopes and most creative urban environments. Here’s the first episode, kicking off big from Norway:

There are many more adventures to come on The Ski Channel, and you can subscribe to get the first runs delivered right to your homepage. For even more channels where adrenaline meets snow, head to YouTube Sports to keep winter alive all year round.

Julie Kikla, YouTube Sports content partnership manager, recently watched “Yard Sale skiing ski crash free skiing extreme.”

Can you teach an old spider new tricks? Could better understanding alien superbugs cure diseases on Earth? These are the questions that will be asked by the two winning experiments of YouTube Space Lab, the science competition that challenged students from 14 to 18 years old to design a science experiment that could be performed in space. Your votes and our expert judges chose the winners from thousands of entries from around the world. Experiments submitted by Dorothy and Sara, from Troy, Mich., U.S. (winners in the 14-16-year-old age group) and Amr from Alexandria, Egypt (winner in the 17-18-year-old age group) will be performed aboard the International Space Station and live streamed to the world on YouTube.

Meet Amr from Alexandria, Egypt Global Winner, 17-18-year-old age group:

Watch their entry: “Can you teach an old spider new tricks?

 Meet Dorothy and Sara from Troy, Mich., U.S. Global Winners, 14-16-year-old age group:


Sunita Williams—the NASA astronaut who’ll fly to the International Space Station later this year and perform the winning experiments live on YouTube—announced the global winners at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C., where the six regional winning teams were gathered. While in Washington, all the teams also took a ZERO-G weightless flight and a private tour of the the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum.

In addition to having their experiments performed in space, Amr, Dorothy and Sara get to choose between one of two awesome space adventures: a trip to Japan to watch their experiment blast off in a rocket bound for the ISS or, once they’re 18 years old, a week-long astronaut course in Star City, Russia, the training center for Russian cosmonauts.

Subscribe to the YouTube Space Lab channel for all the best space playlists and to check out video of the winners on their ZERO-G flight. Stay tuned for the live stream from space, which will take place later this year.

 Zahaan Bharmal, head of marketing operations in EMEA, recently watched "Meet the Space Lab Winners"

Today in Kuala Lumpur we announced the opening of a brand new localized domain for Malaysia at This is our 42nd country with an official local site.

While YouTube has already been available in Malaysia’s most widely spoken languages — Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, and English — having a Malaysia-specific homepage can now deliver the most relevant videos for Malaysians as well as make it easier to highlight great content from our local partners such as KRU Studios. If you’re in Malaysia, the site will automatically detect your location and send you to the Malaysia page. Anyone else interested in Malaysian content but outside the country can just as easily get to the homepage by just selecting “Malaysia” in the Location section at the bottom of the page.

 At the YouTube launch event, we had amazing performances from some of Malaysia’s top musicians, such as silky voiced singer Yuna, pop princess and Flo Rida collaborator Mizz Nina, hip-hopper Joe Flizzow, and warm and fuzzy electro-poppers Tenderfist. You can see them here plus some top K-Pop stars like 2NE1, Miss A, Beast, Jang Keun Suk, Sistar and Infinite, sending some congrats to YouTube Malaysia.


In the last few years, Malaysians have shown a gift for creating video hits. You may have seen the guy who proposed to his girlfriend using Internet memes. Then there’s singer and ukelele player Zee Avi, who posted a few videos on YouTube in 2007 and ended up signing to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire label. Meanwhile school teacher Cikgu Shida has mimed her way across tons of popular songs to become a sudden Internet star in her homeland.

With YouTube now open in Malaysia, we are excited to see more and more Malaysians join the YouTube community. And hopefully this will also mean the world can more easily discover the amazing culture and talent that exists in Malaysia today.

Adam Smith, director of product management, YouTube Asia-Pacific, recently watched "Tenderfist - Everything's Gone"

Whether you’re perfecting your double backflip at the park, capturing a flash mob on your phone, or enjoying singing in a subway, it’s not easy to get your video quality perfect. Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like “shaky-camera-itis” or “augmented-darkness-levels” that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is. We made a big step last year with the YouTube Video Editor, and now we’re adding a feature that does the work of curing these symptoms for you.

If you upload a video that’s shaky or dark, we’ll automatically offer to fix it for you, creating an updated version of your video on YouTube.

When you upload a video that could use a fixup, you’ll see a notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Click the button to fix it, and you’ll see a side by side preview to decide if you want to accept the edits.

Select “Okay” if you’d like us to update your video to the preview version (you can always undo this later). Even if you’re uploading a video from your mobile device, the Video Manager on the desktop will give you a notice if this video can be cured as well. Here’s an overview:

This breakthrough in video awesomeness is possible thanks to our research team who expanded on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button launched last year, automatically detecting if stabilization or color correction would be helpful for you. The result is a one-click option rolling out over the next few days that cures these two symptoms now, and more planned in the future.

So you keep capturing those awesome moments, and we’ll keep on developing ways to help you make those videos even more awesome.

John Gregg, software engineer, recently watched “Panda,” and then watched “Panda (stabilized).”

Everyday on the CitizenTube channel (and @CitizenTube on Twitter), along with our curation partners @storyful, we look at how the top news stories are covered on YouTube. Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage.
Come back next week to see the news unfold on YouTube.

Olivia Ma, YouTube News & Politics, recently watched "Raw Video: Clooney Arrested at D.C. Protest"

From brewskies to Bradshaw and celebs to salsa, the 2012 Super Bowl brought millions of you from across the globe to YouTube's Ad Blitz channel to vote on your favorite commercials. When the final tallies came in, Ad Blitz saw more than 89 million views worldwide, and the day after the game, 26 percent of those came from outside the US.

The Ad Blitz team was so excited by all of you that participated, so to thank you we pulled together an infographic about the activity from the big game.

If you’re as inspired as we are by some of these commercials, check out more creative campaigns on YouTube to spark some ideas of your own.

Lexi Turpack, YouTube interactive programs analyst, recently watched ‘Vitalic - Poney Part 1.’

India is one of world’s largest producers of TV shows. With more than 400 terrestrial and local channels available, Indians often face the challenging question: What am I going to watch?

The good news is that we increasingly don’t have to worry about when to watch. Over the last few years, major Indian broadcasters such as Sony Entertainment Television, Colors, ImagineTV, Star India, and VikatanTV have been bringing their shows to YouTube so that you can watch them whenever you want.

Now that our Indian TV partners offer more than 19,000 full episodes of 300 programs in six different languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, and Punjabi), we wanted to offer our Indian viewers an updated Shows page at to help you better follow shows you love and discover new favorites. For the rest of the world, you can still find the shows through

You’ll find programs into genres like drama and comedy, as well as the latest and top watched episodes featured on the page. Missed the last episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai? It’ll be right there in the channel waiting for you. If you’re looking for a few good places to start, check out popular shows like Balika Vadhu, Ramayan, CID, Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and Thendral.

These 19,000+ episodes are just a start, so we hope we can keep delivering more and more content that viewers across India—and around the world—want to see.

Ajith Rao, software engineer, recently watched “Adaalat - Episode 104,” and Gowri Ramkumar, technical account manager, recently watched “Kuch toh log Kahenge - episode 118.”

Latin America is a melting pot, full of talented and witty people, and Chile is no exception. Traditionally known as a country of poets and wine, Chile is also home to many people coming to YouTube to entertain and be entertained. For that and so many other reasons, we’re very excited that now Chile joins the nations with a local version of YouTube.

Chile joins the group of 40 countries around the world with a local version of YouTube, the fifth in Latin America with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Having a hometown version of the site makes finding and sharing local channels easier through charts and trending videos, and it also makes discovering new videos more relevant for Chileans on the local version. It also gives more visibility to local channels as Chileans subscribe and favorite new videos.

Because of its geography, Chile has varied cultures and customs, and we hope you enjoy seeing how they connect through YouTube. Some examples we’ve seen already are the work of Puntaje Nacional, a channel that prepares students to get into college, or the ironic humor of Soy Germán.

We’re looking forward to see the rich content that will be discovered and shared through YouTube Chile, and hope you enjoy it too. We’ll soon see how YouTube Chile takes flavor and color, like its world-renowned wines the local team is celebrating with right now!

Alejandra Bonati, communications and public affairs manager, Google Chile, recently watched “Aumento de nivel del río San Jose en costanera de Arica.”

As you surf through YouTube's decorative vegetable carvings, wingsuit flying videos and Hindi lessons, you might start to notice some familiar names and faces. That's because today we're adding a feature that lets you sign up for a new YouTube channel using your existing Google+ profile. You can now use your Google+ profile name and photo on a new YouTube channel, giving you one consistent identity across platforms when uploading videos, sharing, commenting and other public activities.

Today’s update gives the more than 100 million of you on Google+, who are already able to watch YouTube in Hangouts and share videos with your Circles, another way to bring the best of Google+ directly into your YouTube experience.

Here’s what you’ll see if you sign up for a new YouTube channel and you already have a Google+ profile. If you want this to be your channel name and photo, just click OK, “I’m ready to continue.”

If you want to create a YouTube channel that’s different from your Google+ profile (e.g. “KatnissForPresident”), click “Create a username,” and you’ll have the option to create a YouTube channel as usual. It looks like this:

This is currently available on the English version of YouTube and we’re looking to roll it out across languages in coming months. Also, if you already have a YouTube channel and want to connect it to your Google+ profile—stay tuned. We’ll be following feedback on this update and hope to add more features that bring the best of Google+ into YouTube.

Trevor O’Brien, product manager, recently watched “Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run.”

World MasterCard Fashion Week may have been an exclusive event in the past, but now it’s available to everyone live on YouTube.

Starting today through Saturday, March 17, fashion enthusiasts everywhere can watch the hottest Canadian designers showcase their Fall 2012 collections live from Toronto on the Fashion Week Live YouTube Channel, presented by Maybelline NY. The channel will also have behind-the-scenes videos and make-up tips on YouTube Fashion Week Live, giving you even more tutorials to get the looks fresh off the runway.

Check out the schedule and add your favorite show to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing. If you can’t make it for the live stream, all of the shows will be available on the Fashion Week Live YouTube Channel.

Jamie Reichstein, YouTube lifestyle program manager, recently watched “KONY 2012.”

Last Saturday, we joined the American Foundation on Equal Rights to live-stream 8, a star-studded play that depicts the Proposition 8 trial surrounding same-sex marriage. On World AIDS Day in December, the ONE Campaign and RED live-streamed a day-long symposium on the end of AIDs.

Today, we’re opening up the opportunity to live-stream to all members of the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Nonprofits, from small to large, will now be able to engage live audiences in charity concerts, conferences, and other special events to raise awareness about their causes and drive donations in real-time.

The YouTube Nonprofit Program is currently open to registered organizations in the U.S., U.K. Australia and Canada and offers free benefits like donate buttons/overlays, custom thumbnail selection and channel branding. To learn more and apply, please click here. For organizations who are already members of the Nonprofit Program, you can enable live-streaming in a few simple steps, outlined here.

Ramya Raghavan and Jason Toff, YouTube Nonprofit Team, recently watched “30 dolphins stranded and incredibly saved.”

Everyday on the CitizenTube channel (and @CitizenTube on Twitter), along with our curation partners @storyful, we look at how the top news stories are covered on YouTube. Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage.

Come back next week to see the news unfold on YouTube.

Olivia Ma, YouTube News and Politics, recently watched "Two massive solar flares erupt from the sun."

Each month, we identify four YouTube partners whose Channels have experienced significant growth and are on the cusp of really taking off for our On The Rise program. This March, our nominees include a chef, an artist, a prankster and producers. We’re excited to bring you some fledgling partners who still have a ways to go to hit the 100,000 subscriber mark - even if you haven’t heard of them yet, we think you’ll enjoy what they bring to the YouTube table.

And you can help them reach their growth goals, starting with the opportunity for one of these partners to be featured on the YouTube homepage. Check out their videos below and vote for your favorite in the top right corner of this blog. In addition to your votes, each Channel will be evaluated on criteria such as viewer engagement and Channel optimization techniques to decide which partner will be featured on the homepage, Google+, Facebook and Twitter at the end of the month.

In past months, partners like CaliforniaTravelTips and marydoodles have gained many subscribers thanks to your support. The poll will be open until March 15th at 5pm PT, so don’t forget to vote for your favorite Channel. Check back to see who secured the homepage feature on March 29th.

Dani is a self-proclaimed health conscious foodie who focuses on creating nutritious and flavorful recipes that are simple to make. She’s also a certified nutrition counselor and fitness trainer. Check out her channel to learn how to make baked sweet potato fries, pan-seared tilapia, roasted chickpeas and more!

Banzchan is managed by Robert de Jesus, a long-time anime manga fan who’s spent years perfecting his illustration, animation, and writing skills. His videos feature real-time drawings of your favorite anime (and YouTube partner!) stars.

Garrett of Overboardhumor is a prankster who has come up with some crazy ways to take people by surprise. He has driven a couch through a drive through and handed out pieces of birthday cake to strangers. Check out his videos for a good laugh.

Anyone But Me is an acclaimed web series centered around common teenage concerns like fighting stereotypes and doing the right thing. Though it’s just about to wrap up after three seasons, you can get an introduction to this award-winning drama and even watch the complete series on the ABM YouTube Channel.

If you’re interested in checking out more rising YouTube Partners, visit our On The Rise Channel, which features nominees, trending partners and monthly blog winners.

Devon Storbeck and Christine Wang, YouTube Partner Support, recently watched “'Fresh Guacamole' - PES - YouTube.”

Making it easier to connect with the content you love was the aim of the redesigned homepage and channel layouts we launched in December of last year. You can now start with a video you love, discover and follow a whole channel of great content from that creator or curator, and organize all the channels you love in a homepage that's always updated with the new videos you'll want to watch.

Since these updates, the data shows we’re onto something:
  • Daily unique visits to channels have increased by 60 percent since December 2011
  • Daily net subscriptions are up 50 percent since December 2011
Today is the next step in the new YouTube look and feel we launched in December, where all channels will be updated to the new layout. What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, you’ll now see every channel organized into one of four channel templates customized to suit different types of creators:

We’ve also built new ways to help you stay more engaged with the channels you love. For example, the Channel Feed shows you all the videos uploaded to a channel, as well as playlists and Liked videos across YouTube. The channel feed makes it clear what you’ll get if you subscribe. When you do, this feed will also be published on your homepage so you can keep up with all the latest activity from your favorite channels.

On the topic of features — a big thank you for all your feedback that we’ve incorporated over the past six months. You’ve helped us learn what works and what needs improvement as we evolved the design over time. Your feedback continues to drive updates and new features, and for all of you creators, here are a few updates to note:
  • You wanted the ability to feature content prominently so we added a Featured tab and subsequently improved it with more templates and a search feature to help you program it more easily
  • You told us having Favorites more accessible was important to you, so we turned it into a customizable part of your channel
  • You wanted to link your +Page or your Google+ Profile to your channel, so we added this option
If you’re a YouTube creator, check out our post from last week with tips on making your channel look awesome, as well as the YouTube Creator Blog for regular updates on ways to improve your channel and connect with other creators.

The YouTube Team

Last month we announced YouTube Next Cause: a new program designed to help nonprofit organizations that are already changing the world better use online video to drive action.

We were honored, inspired and deeply moved by many of the applications we received.

We are proud to introduce you to some members of the first class of YouTube Next Cause: 20 organizations who’ve demonstrated passion and huge potential for using YouTube to further their causes.

The organizations come from big cities and small towns across the country from Illinois to Colorado to Texas to California and many work all over the world. They also work on variety of issues from animal abuse to homelessness to poverty alleviation to children’s health.

 Check out these great organizations:


Autism Speaks
Children's Hospital Boston
IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare
Sunlight Foundation
American Heart Association
American Foundation for Equal Rights
Malaria No More
The Humane Society of the United States
The Pablove Foundation
COTS - Committee on the Shelterless
Durango Discovery Museum
Save Mount Diablo
Art Resources in Teaching
Per Scholas
The Supply
Born Free USA
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from the YouTube Next Cause channels, and learn more about other programs helping partners grow at the YouTube Creator Hub.

Jessica Mason, communications associate, recently watched “The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Pssst! We’ve got a surprise — we want to give you a sneak peek to videos on YouTube.

Years ago we created a way to link to a certain moment on a video, which let you find, share and comment on just your favorite parts. Now we’re expanding that control even more. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to see an image preview or a series of thumbnails with three new features on our video player. So whether you’re sneaking a peek ahead, scanning backwards, or using a thumbnail to find where you stopped watching a video, you’ll soon have three options to instantly look through YouTube videos. Here’s how each works:

Taking a sneak peek
So excited (or maybe so scared) that you want to find what happens later in the video? Hover your mouse over the seek bar and a thumbnail of that moment will appear, and you can click to start watching from that moment.

Scanning through thumbnails
Let’s say you started a video but had to come back and finish it later. You thought you were the middle of the video when main character looks dramatically into the camera, or maybe it was the shocking look from the supporting character a few seconds ago. Now you can drag the handle along the seek bar to show a filmstrip of thumbnails of previous and upcoming scenes.

Zooming in on long videos
If you’re watching a video that’s longer than 90 minutes, like one of the growing list of movies on YouTube, you’ll see an added feature that lets you zoom in on the seek bar, one and a half minutes at a time. This second bar that appears gives you more granularity for finding that exact moment you want on a long video. Check out Life in a Day to see how it works.

With an hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second, we’ve got a lot of sneak peeks to get ready on YouTube, and not every video will have this feature available at launch. Let us know what you think as you start seeing these features around the site.

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The election season heats up today as voters in ten states -- with a total of 419 delegates at stake -- head to the polls to cast a ballot in the GOP primary.

We’ve been following the race closely on YouTube, featuring this cycle’s trending videos, political advertisements and campaign highlights on Tonight, you can watch live coverage from the Wall Street Journal, whose top editors and reporters will be providing commentary and analysis as the results come in.

Tune in to starting at 7pm ET to follow the evening’s returns.

And if you’re in one of the ten states holding a primary or caucus today, we’d love to see your videos! For those on the campaign trail documenting the political process at work, you can upload your videos to YouTube using a new mobile app created by the team at Storyful. Available for both Android and iOS, Storyful Direct is an easy way to share your videos with Storyful, who will be choosing a selection to be featured on YouTube and

Even if you don’t live in a state that’s holding a primary tomorrow, Storyful Direct can be used to document your experience during the run-up to the Presidential election in November.

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Having spent years living in North Carolina, I witnessed first-hand the passion of NASCAR and motorsports fans. So it’s not surprising that auto and motorcycle racing videos are some of the most searched and viewed on YouTube. Now that racing season is in full swing with the first Daytona 500 kicking off just days ago, fans have plenty to discover on YouTube - making it the ideal arena for marketers to capture consumer attention. Here are a few brands making the most of fan interest online.

Like many businesses, RevZilla, an online retailer of motorcycle riding gear, dove into video production with nothing more than a Flip camera and an idea. While they have a showroom in Philadelphia, they were challenged to reach their online customers' need to “look under the hood” of motorcycle gear. So they turned to video to showcase detailed breakdowns of motorcycle gear -- from helmets to gloves and riding jackets, and share their deep product knowledge and how-to content.

Meanwhile GoPro, the makers of HD video cameras and accessories, use racer’s eye view of tracks like the Infineon Raceway captured by CEO Nicholas Woodman to reach fans. By building a library of videos created by the people using their cameras, GoPro was able to provide the ultimate product demo to their audience.

Even racing greats like Richard Petty of The Richard Petty Driving Experience are on YouTube to give customers a behind-the-wheel look at racing 165 mph in a NASCAR race car. The Richard Petty Driving Experience pushed the sales needle by creating a Summer of Speed package they promoted during slow summer months with YouTube video ads.

With millions of auto enthusiasts and racing fans coming to YouTube for entertainment, try out some of these ways to reach people on YouTube. Happy riding!

Baljeet Singh, group product manager on video monetization at Google, recently watched “Team Hot Wheels - The Yellow Driver's World Record Jump

Everyday on the CitizenTube channel (and @CitizenTube on Twitter), along with our curation partners @storyful, we look at how the top news stories are covered on YouTube. Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage.

Come back next week to see the news unfold on YouTube.

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As Chris Anderson, founder of TED, said, “Tomorrow's best teachers will be global stars reaching literally millions of kids”. We believe that the next generation of great teachers will come from all walks of life - they might be popular vloggers, lifelong educators, popular scientists, or journalists - and we’re working hard to get them sharing their knowledge on YouTube EDU. To highlight the breadth and depth of awesome educational content we have on the site today, we worked with some of our newest YouTube EDU partners to put together an interactive game testing your smarts. 

At the end of the video you’ll be asked a question which you should answer using the annotations embedded in the video. This will automatically take you on to the answer, and to the next question. The quiz has five questions in total, each from a different YouTube EDU partner, and then at the end you’ll receive your score. Enough description though - go play (and learn)!

Will Houghteling, YouTube EDU, recently watched “How Web Video Powers Global Innovation”.

You work hard on your channel and your videos, so we’re doing the same on making channels look their best on YouTube. That’s why in December, we launched an updated look and new templates for channels, as well as features across the site to keep you better connected with the channels you enjoy.

Like a great symphony, these channels and features work best when everyone is playing on the same page. So that’s why we’re encouraging you to update your channel to the new look, and by March 7 we’ll be updating everyone. If you have a YouTube channel and 15 minutes today, select the “Try the new design” button on the top of your channel page that will give you step-by-step instructions for updating.

The step-by-step was a good start, but I want more info. Whatcha got?
  • Use this Checklist to make sure you have the main parts of your channel covered
  • Want to do more? The YouTube Creator Playbook has a special section just for improving your channel, as well as a ton of YouTube tips from the best in the biz
  • Still have questions? Stop by the Help Center for more answers

Why the change?
We know how hard it is to find great content on YouTube (you’re uploading 60 hours of video per minute), so when viewers find your channel we want to help you keep them there, and keep them coming back. All uploaders are not the same, so now you have four different templates to best suit your needs: Creator, Blogger, Network and Everything. With the old design, it wasn’t always easy for viewers to browse your channel. However, we loved parts of the old channels design too (heck, many hours and Red Bulls were consumed to build it), like your ability to feature content. So we’ve enabled a new Featured Tab that offers you the ability to keep doing that.

I’m freaking out — please don’t change this!
We know change is never easy, especially when it’s something you’ve spent lots of time and effort on. Even more, there are human beings at YouTube who look at every piece of feedback, bucket them into categories, and work with product teams to address them each week. So whenever you see a blue "Send Feedback" link, know that that's not some decorative ornament. It's for real. So give your feedback because we (humans) need it to keep creating ways for YouTube to showcase your channels.

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Editor’s note: From time to time we invite guests to the blog to talk about a topic of interest. We’re thrilled to have Rob Reiner, actor and director, join us today.

I want to invite you to come to YouTube on Saturday, March 3, to watch a reading of a powerful new play, 8, about marriage equality and the Proposition 8 trial.

The play, written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk), is an account of the case filed by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial's historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look at what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was put on trial in the U.S.

At the time of the trial, the Supreme Court ruled against allowing cameras in the courtroom, preventing anyone outside the court from witnessing the proceedings. Today, we’re able to give people around the world a look at what happened behind closed doors via the live stream of this reading of 8 on AFER’s YouTube channel.

I hope you'll join me, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Jamie Lee Curtis and others who will be performing in the West Coast premiere this Saturday evening at 7:45pm PT (pre-show begins at 7:30pm PT). Tune in to to watch the event live streamed from the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif.

Rob Reiner, director of 8 and founding board member of AFER, recently watched “Prop 8 Unconstitutional: The Highlight Reel”.

Whether enabling voters to interview their President, or connect underwater in a project to photograph the ocean floor, Google+ Hangouts are being used in amazing ways. Not only do Hangouts have the ability to connect people on opposite sides of the planet, they can also connect people on opposing sides of the social and political spectrum. We’re delighted to announce that a new series of global debates, that will be live streamed on YouTube, will do exactly that.

Versus, from Intelligence2—an organization committed to revitalizing the art of live debate—will give you the chance to question people who are close to the decisions being made on topical issues, on both sides of the debate. Real-time voting on the channel will also let the speakers know how their arguments are resonating with viewers.

The first motion to be debated is “It’s time to end the War on Drugs.” The debate will air diverse opinions from the likes of +Richard Branson, +Russell Brand, +Julian Assange, and experts such as the former Presidents from Mexico and Brazil, among others. BBC newsreader and presenter +Emily Maitlis will chair the debate.

The debate will be streamed live on the Versus YouTube channel on March 13 at 7pm GMT. From now until then, we invite you to discuss the issues and join the debate on the Versus page, where you’ll also find out how you could have the chance to secure a place in the live debate hangout.

Anna Bateson, director of YouTube marketing, EMEA, recently watched "Richard Branson: No More Drug War (2011 International Drug Policy Reform Conference)."